• 1 September 2015

    Top participation at MicroCup 2015

    63 competitors have been racing during five days in Brest. From Friday august 7th to Sunday august 10th, equipment control has been performed under Manfred Bauendahl authority with the help of C Gregory and SR Brest volunteers. Races ...more
  • 15 August 2015

    Piotr Ogrodnick double

    On Thursday night visit and drink offered by Oceanapolis has been very much appreciated. On Friday morning crews started to gather at the harbor in wet and windy weather. A 11am Jerome Nutte, Race Officer, run the day briefing. As wind ...more
  • 13 August 2015

    Day 4

    FIRST CRUISER ZABA, MICRO OF THE DAY On Thursday morning, crews have been waiting long at Port du Moulin Blanc for wind .At 12 am, race committee, left mooring and want on the Rade to evaluate wind conditions. Crews get ready and get ...more
  • 12 August 2015

    Coastal Race 23 nautical miles long

    9 O’clock, Wednesday August 12 th: Jerome Nutte Race Officer start day briefing; Long distance race N° 5 will be the unique race of the day. Départure line has been established facing Plougastel, and Micro are sailing toward north to ...more
  • 11 August 2015

    After 5 races, Polish and Russian Micro are dominating

    On Tuesday morning, Stawo/POL 109, 2014 WC is first on provisional results. For Racer Sealand /POL 88 and Cruiser Flame /EST 362 are first. Two French crews are in a good position: FRA 21947/HurleVent coming from ANCRE (Nantes) and Zaba ...more
  • 10 August 2015

    Champagne party

    MICRO BULLE Evening Sponsorised by ALHYANGE Bretagne Sud, first evening, waiting for day results, has been celebrated with a glass of Champagne offered by our Sponsor. After results of the day given at Micro village, competitors ...more
  • 10 August 2015

    Start of the competition

    On Monday morning 11 am, practice race has started. Many crews participate at this last training and adjust equipment to get ready for the start. 2 pm, race committee under Jerome Nutte Race Officer authority, give a first start. As too ...more
  • 9 August 2015

    Opening ceremony

    19h all crews and accompanying head to the village Micro, large tent with bar, sound system, giant screen for projection Photo of the Day, platform, bulletin board, which will be all week the meeting place after crews groceries. The ...more
  • 8 August 2015

    Equipment control

    70 crews from 12 countries, 40% of the fleet comes from abroad. Mainly from Italia, Russia, Poland, Germany and other eastern european countries. Since 3 days in Moulin Blanc harbor, technical controls (boat stability, sail measurement, ...more
  • 7 August 2015

    Registration day

    All along Sunday, equipement control has been performed, after late arrival of some boat coming from Poland, Serbia and Russia. Taking advantage in the afternoon, of good weather conditions mostly 20 Micro have been sailing for last ...more


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