On Shore buildings

Club House

The Société des Régates de Brest is located on the second floor of Club’s Building.wher are located both the Managing team and registration.

club pavillon

Club House SRB


Salle de la Cormorandière

Salle de la Cormorandière

Cormorandière Room

Located on the first level of the Club’s Building, the Cormorandiére room is a large meeting space. All official documents relevant to the competition will be displayed on the front window.


MicroCup Village

The MicroCup village located next to the mooring, will host crew and family sailors during competition. Space for gathering together, display of regatta pictures, snack service, every evening results of the day, see sight program tours opportunities, …

Le village

Le village


Le contrôle de l'équipement

Le contrôle de l’équipement

Equipement measurement (Sails)

Next to the MicroCup Village, sails measurement control will be done under a large tent. If measurement matche certificate, measurement check is done.


On Shore boat and trailors

Boats arrival

When you arrive at Moulin Blanc harbour, a large space is provided for welcoming and directing new arrivants to registration, measurement control before launching boats. Trailors will be parked in that space after boat will have been launched.


Arrivée au port


La SRB vue des pontons

La SRB vue des pontons


All Micro will be mooring at docks near access facilities. These moorings protected by the pier from wind, will allow you to prepare or maintain your boat in the best conditions.



Craning is the best way to launch your boat and to prevent trailer ball bearing from damaged. During measurement control, your boat will be weighted according to your registration number, no queue!


La grue


Le lift et la mise à l’eau

Launching facilities

Launching facilities can be also used if you want to sail before competition.
Only one craning operation (boat to be put in water after equipment control) is free of charge.



Housing at Nautical Center

Located behind Club House, the nautical center offer housing for 60 peoples in room for 1/2/3 or 4 persons, with breakfast. It is also possible to get lunch, diner and sandwiches.


Housing at Nautical Center




Camping Car

A space for 20 Camping Car is available on Moulin Blanc south venue next to the public launch. Services as water, electricity and waste collection are available.