Brest, origins of the Microcup

1st edition of the Microcup in Lorient in 1977, the 2015 Microcup will be the 3rd edition to take place in Brest (after 1980 and 1986). The Microcup is back to its Britanny origins!
Some of the genuine Microcuppers have been haunting the Brest harbour for 35 years, looking forward to a better ranking… Time has come for them to show how important they’ve been to the Microclass.
How could we do without the copies of the boats who have won the 2nd and the 5th editions of the Microcup?
That would be disrespectful to our Russian friends who will drive more than 3000 km to prevent them from sailing with the oldest microcuppers.
But the problem is that some of these genuine microcuppers (some of which were built even before the creation of the Microclass) are absolutely unable to prove their compliance with the rules, their class associations having disappeared!

Genuine Microcuppers

For them it’s impossible to compete with the Flyers or other modern cruiser boats. That’s why Microclass France has created a specific category for the boats with an Osiris rating under 6, alongside the Cruiser Category, for enabling them to exist on the podiums : THAT IS THE GENUINE CLASS.
We will not forget them, every evening, when claiming the day’s results.
These boats are part of the Tour de France, they are part of the Micro Family!

In order to enable them to sail the 2015 Microcup, Microclass France has decided to welcome them in Brest even if they don’t have a compliance certificate.
But, of course, they will have to undergo all the measurement tests taking place just before the Microcup!

Genuine Protos

For the 1st Microcups, there weren’t any compliance certificates. The compliance was tested just before the race and it was sometimes even stricter than it is today (some test were done in pools)!
How could we ask these genuine protos to have certificates when their results prove that they comply with the Micro spirit and rules.

But those who have come a long way in order to reach the 1st steps of the podium don’t want to spend too much time waiting for the last boats to cross the finish line… and they wouldn’t agree for a genuine boat to be among the first boats without being sure of its compliance with the rules!

When you are at the world’s end, why not sailing arount the Hermione who will moor in the Brest harbour during the Microcup?!

Brest is part of the history of Microcuppers, and thanks to us all, Brest 2015 will be a historical gathering of Microcuppers!

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